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How to fill 2 days in Miami

Miami's eclectic scene is the city's greatest asset. It fulfils people's idea of the "1970's American dream" with glittering high-rises, art-deco buildings, neon signs, and vintage cars. It also offers a taste of the Caribbean & Central and South America, with its white sand beaches, warm tropical weather and strong Hispanic culture. When you walk around Miami, it feels like you are looking through a window into the continent as a whole...and this is such a unique and exciting experience. This melting pot of cultures and vibrant city life is a magnet for travellers, and if you are thinking about visiting this top American destination, make sure to allow some time to discover its charms!

Española Way in South Beach

South Beach

Miami's most famous area is probably South Beach. If you are looking for the most glamorous spot in the city, this is it. Here, you can live your "best Jetsetter life". Soak up the sun on the beach or enjoy a cocktail in one of the Art Deco buildings. Española Way is a trendy pedestrian strip with some trendy bars and restaurants, definitely worth checking out at the end of the day, when it comes alive with music and the local crowds!

Little Havana

The highlight of our time here, Little Havana is a sensory delight reminiscent of Cuban life.

Bright and colourful, 'Calle Ocho' is at the heard of the neighbourhood. Whether you'd like to taste the staples of Cuban cuisine, dance the night away to the tunes of a live band or simply take in the gorgeous street art, there is something to please everyone!

We went on an amazing food walking tour which gave us an overview of Cuban culture. Our Cuban guide took us up and down 'Calle Ocho', telling us about the History of Little Havana. We tried some Cuban coffee, watched some locals play dominoes and attended a workshop on how to make Cuban cigars. In between all this, we sampled five different dishes including the famous Cuban sandwich (which was actually created in Little Havana!) and of course the legendary Mojito!

Everglades National Park

Hiring a car is highly recommended when visiting Miami, first because it is a huge city and second because it will allow to get out and visit some of the stunning countryside! If you have time for only place, I would strongly advise making it the Everglades. Less than an hour away, this beautiful protected habitat is the perfect playground for adventurers. Endless activities are on offer: hiking, cycling, kayaking...but the top thing to do here is to go on an airboat tour. This high-speed boat tour is a really fun day out with the added perk of encountering the local wildlife including alligators and exotic snakes!

The Everglades National Park

Disclaimer: These photos are not my own work and have been provided by 'Unsplash'

48 hours in Miami may feel rushed, but for us, it was the perfect amount of time. As a stopover on the way to Central or South America, it is a great destination, especially since its airport offers well-priced flights and many connection options. If you have more time to spend, travelling around Florida is a great idea. You can visit the Florida Keys, go to Disneyland in Orlando or venture to lesser-known destinations...another option is to nip across to a Caribbean Island like the Bahamas for a weekend!

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