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Top Ski Resorts: Finding the “Right” Snow For You

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Sunshine over a ski run
Sun Peaks Bliss

Skiing is and always will be a luxury. Even more so with global warming. Which makes finding the right location more important than ever.

Firstly, don’t mistake skiing as a one-size-fits-all approach as each continent offers a different experience. More specifically, each ski resort within each continent caters to different needs, interests and experience levels.

To make things simpler (albeit with a huge generalisation), I’ve compiled a quick list of continental differences and recommendations below geared towards fellow Australians. This is a selection from the 25 ski resorts I’ve personally experienced, hopefully, it helps narrow down your search parameters.

Mt Buller ski run

A work trip exploring Mt Buller


From skiing to bungee jumping, Queenstown has so much to offer

New Zealand

From too much powder to the risk of spring skiing in Japan


Canadian highlights


European delights

Europe (France, Italy, Austria)

The view from the top of Hakuba
Exploring Japan with My Snow Holidays

Finally, skiing is very individualistic. I’ve worked in the industry in a sales and managerial role, and understand that no destination is perfect for everyone. As such, I strongly recommend contacting a ski-specific travel agent for your next holiday. My top recommendation is My Snow Holidays. I know them as I worked there for years and can personally guarantee that these guys have spent seasons in resorts and more years testing locations across the globe. And, the company is a family-owned wholesaler. So, drop them a line, explain what you want, and pack your bags; you’re going skiing.

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